Welcome to our website we are proud to be associated with the proposals submitted to Canterbury City Council for planning permission.

What’s involved?

  • A purpose-built group of buildings on and immediately adjacent to the university campus with 936 student room/studios designed by specialist student architects Church Lucas. Part of this will be available as a hotel conference facility outside of University term times.
  • New sporting facilities on the Jackman’s field of St Edmund’s school to include a new state of the art sports Pavilion for the use of St Edmund’s school, and the relocation of Canterbury Squash Rackets Club to a brand new state of the art Squash facility.
  • Widening of Giles Lane close to its junction with Whitstable Road.

Who has submitted the application?

This is a joint application by the University of Kent and St Edmund’s School.

Contextual Landscape Analysis

Green Infrastructure


Connectivity Strategy

Precedence - The Importance of Good Design

Key Character Areas

Context Led Design

Principles of Good Design

Design Coding


Promoting Health and Well-Being

A Healthy Community

The health and well-being of residents, neighbouring residents and visitors to the site is of paramount importance. In particular the opportunity to interact with open space and with nature has been proven to reduce stress, aid concentration and promote positive mental health, relaxation and exercise. Moreover highlighted by the Covid – 19 pandemic open spaces afford people the space to interact safely.

The following measures are integral to our design philosophy:

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Context Led Design


01. Giles Lane south view
02. View from Canterbury Cathedral parapet
03. View from Woodland Way
04. Link to campus (pedestrian route A)
05. View across Western Green from the Bat Corridor
06. Block B terrace / Cathedral view
07. Masterplan link (pedestrian route B)
08. view from Western Green towards Canterbury Cathedral
09. Western Green view
10. View from St. Edmunds school entrance
11. Giles Lane north view
12. Giles Lane existing tree line view
13. Block B courtyard
14. Western green from Turing Hub
15. Western green overview

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